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Estate Planning

   Estate Planning Basics

   Do I need a Will or a Trust?

   What is a Trust?

   How Do I Avoid Estate Taxes?

   What is Probate?  How and Why Should I Avoid It?

   How Will My Estate Be Distributed?

   Giving to Grandchildren and Minors


Real Estate

   Home Buying Basics

   Home Selling Basics

   Basics of Landlord/Tenant Law

   How Do I Remove a Bad Tenant?

   Fighting an Unfair Eviction

   Types of Foreclosure


Business & Corporate Law

   Do I Need to Incorporate?

   Do I Need a Corporation?  LLC?  Partnership?  S Corp?  C Corp?

   Purchasing Part or All of  a Business

   Protecting Your Intellectual Property

   Closing and Winding Up a Business

   Selling Your Company


Divorce & Family Law

   Divorce Basics and Alternatives to Divorce

   Overview of the Divorce Process

   How is Spousal Support Calculated?  Will I Get Any?

   How is Child Support Calculated?

   Can Child Support Change?

   How Does a Court Decide on Visitation Rights?

   Establishing and Challenging Paternity

   Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?


Civil Litigation

   Help! I've Been Sued!

   Deciding Whether to Bring a Case to Court

   Overview of the Litigation Process

   Alternatives to Litigation

   Enforcing Your Judgment




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