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Neutral Divorce Mediation


Going through a divorce is a difficult emotional and legal process.It is frequently expensive, and may take months or even years to resolve. During this time, your life as well as your assets are tied up in court. If child custody and visitation are in dispute, you will be required to attend mediation and parenting classes, and go to court where your family life will be discussed in an open, public forum.


At Pipal Spurzem & Liem, LLP, we offer neutral divorce mediation as an alternative to traditional divorce litigation. There are many advantages and benefits of divorce mediation.


Privacy and Confidentiality


In neutral divorce mediation, our attorney represents and advises both you and your spouse equally. We do not pick sides—both of you are our clients. All of our meetings and conversations are private and confidential, and take place outside of the public court process. We help you to understand the law and to reach a mutually beneficial settlement agreement that satisfies your particular situation and needs. We then prepare all of the required forms and documents, and file these with the court so that you never have to appear in the public courtroom.


You Control The Process


In neutral divorce mediation, you are not tied to the court schedule or court calendar. In mediation, you make your own schedule and you decide when and how often you wish to meet or to make a simple telephone call. At Pipal Spurzem & Liem, LLP, our goal is to meet your needs, to respond quickly to your emails or telephone calls, and to make this difficult process as convenient for you as possible.


Make Your Own Choices and Increase Your Options


In traditional divorce litigation, the court decides for you and you may or may not like the result. The court’s decision may also come as a surprise, leaving you unhappy and dissatisfied with the outcome. In neutral divorce mediation, you rather than the court make your own choices and your own decisions as to what is most beneficial for you, your children and your property. Mediation allows you the flexibility to plan ahead for the many changes you will face. Mediation also allows you greater choices and options than traditional litigation when it comes to dividing your property and planning for your financial future. Neutral divorce mediation ensures that you and your spouse will be the ones to make important decisions regarding your children’s futures and what is truly in their best interests. At Pipal Spurzem & Liem, LLP, our goal is to explain the law to you and to draw upon our many years of experience in advising you so that you can make informed decisions.


Control Your Expenses


Divorce litigation is typically a lengthy and uncertain process, and it is frequently very expensive. When going through a painful and difficult divorce, large legal bills are the last thing you need. Neutral divorce mediation is typically much less expensive than a contested, courtroom divorce. At Pipal Spurzem & Liem, LLP, we understand your financial needs and strive to provide legal services as efficiently as possible.


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