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Business Law


Our clients appreciate the stability and experience we bring to creating business plans and helping people form a new business. At Pipal & Spurzem, LLP, we help people with business law issues from the initial startup to corporate governance and business litigation matters. Our firm was first established in 1912. Over the years we have built a reputation for strong, knowledgeable representation for individuals and businesses. We can help you find the business plan that works for you.


We have experience with the many forms a new business may take. We can help you set up a limited liability company, a general partnership, a nonprofit corporation, or any other type of entity. Our attorneys can advise you on the methods of governing your company after formation. Many business entities have requirements as to shareholders, administration, filing requirements, and countless other details which may be confusing when your business is new.


Any business issue from employment law, and contract disputes, to mergers and acquisitions may require the help of an accomplished business planning lawyer. Whether you need business litigation services or the advice of a business planning attorney, we are always available to help our clients make their business a success.

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